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Finding the right investment opportunity among thousands of potential candidates is the challenge in today’s Private Equity world. Scala founders have 15 year track record in spotting the right companies at the right time. We invest in Digital Media and Marketing Technology companies:

» At the Seed or Early Financing stage with high upside potential

» That have entered a market and are close to or have reached Break Even

» With proven outperforming growth and a clear defined USPs


» An experienced and trustworthy Management team with proven track record or entrepreneurial experience

» A strategy in areas where Scala Management and Partners have demonstrated expertise

» interested in sharing both risk and upside with all stakeholders

Team Talk


Scala Ventures is a Swiss based Private Equity Holding that invests directly into companies that match our investment philosophy.

Part of the investment strategy also isto provide JV opportunities to identified companies seeking to expand into the European market.

Scala Ventures and its management team are actively involved in the operational roll out of its investment companies.

Scala provides its services and support through its network of financing, recruitment and M&A partner firms and subsidiaries.

Scala offers qualified Management an entrepreneurial opportunity to startup and gain participations in a select group of companies with minimal risk and maximum upside.

The experienced Management Board is supported by a high caliber Advisory Board combining many years of entrepreneurial success with deep insights into the digital media sector.

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“Scala Ventures provides and participates in growth opportunities in the Digital Media Sector. We help build outstanding companies with innovative strategies and technologies to offer unique service propositions.

Due to our extensive market and product knowledge, we are able to identify future winners at an early stage and help these companies and executives to achieve ambitious targets and objectives.

Our main investment and product partnership focus is on US / European companies having achieved a high penetration level in their respective markets, thus providing stronger upside and a lower or better control of risk enabling us to maximize the ROI for all stakeholders.”

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